While we each lesson plan differently, the premise for a good lesson plan is to keep the objectives of the class session in mind as you plan the activities. In this way, they are micro executions of your course objectives at large. My lessons generally begin with a warm-up and activities that build off one another so that students feel equipped with tools for the activity. In my Advanced French course at University of Pennsylvania, a bridge course that moves away from grammar to register and critical thinking, my students all noted at the beginning of the term their interest in expanding vocabulary and having class discussions. I therefore often start with News headlines or vocabulary from readings and spend at least fifteen minutes of the session in group or class discussion. In this sample lesson plan, we discussed language and exclusion in relation to the film about a French classroom, Entre les murs. I have included objectives as well as a reflection written right after the class session on things to improve for future lessons.

Lesson Plan Objectives and Reflections