A successful class session, to me, is a micro exemplary of the semester-long learning objectives. In the same way that a course should have tangible and easily assessed assignments, a class session should also invoke a similar investment, at lower stakes. Despite the specificity of a course, I construct my lesson plan building on material the students will have already been exposed to. In the beginning of the term this means encouraging students to bring in prior knowledge and toward the end of the term, creatively applying what has already been covered.  In a language or discussion based course, students dialogue and construct critical thinking questions in groups, often sequenced so that toward the end of class, they will be able to converse confidently in the target language or lead discussions confidently. In a writing course, students plan and write shorter assignments that can eventually be expanded upon for larger writing assignments.

Intermediate French (4th semester) Lesson Plan

Freshman Writing Seminar Lesson Plan