“Literature Afloat, Identities in Motion,” Cornell University
(Fall 2017) – Freshman Writing Seminar Syllabus

Language instruction

Beginning French, Affiliated with TEFL/TESOL Training in Paris

General English, Université Paris VIII – Vincennes
(Spring 2017)

English: Oral Production, Université Paris VIII – Vincennes
(Fall 2016)

Intermediate French: Conversation and Composition, Cornell University
(Fall 2015, Spring 2016)

Elementary French, Cornell University
(Fall 2014, Spring 2015)


Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI), Cornell University

Teaching Excellency Program, 2017-2018

“Developing a Diversity Statement,” University-Wide Teaching Conference, March 2018

“ePortfolios: Enhancing Teaching with Technology,” GET SET Workshop Series, March 2018

“Learning-Centered Syllabi” GET SET Workshop Series, September 2017


TA Development Orientation, Department of Romance Studies, Cornell University

“Online Portfolios: Effective content & format for the job market and more,” August 2017

“Making the Most of Time: Office hours and managing time,” August 2015


UC Berkeley Democratic Education (DeCal) Series

“API Mythbusters: Demystifying Asian America,” Spring 2010