The Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines organizes writing seminars that students at Cornell are required to take within their first two years. The freshman writing seminar (FWS) allows instructors to design and conduct a course that introduces students to their discipline, with a focus on writing critical essays. After a couple of years of teaching beginning and intermediate French, I designed Literature Afloat, Identities in Motion which focused on travel and migration literature and opened discussions about the American dream, identity, and immigration. In addition, I have also imagined the courses I would teach to upper-level undergraduate students. Because the syllabus is an important first impression for the instructor and the course, the design of my syllabi reflect my conscious efforts to make teaching innovative and inclusive.

FWS:  Literature Afloat Syllabus
Sample (French):  Autobiography as Social Document Syllabus
Sample (Theory/Language): My Language is My Country Syllabus