teaching as research

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Program
SoTL is an opportunity to employ the critical thinking and reflection skills scholars use for their research to improve their teaching.


My project, “Giving and Receiving Effective feedback: what instructors say and how students perceive it,” takes my Freshman Writing Seminar (FWS) as an object of study, and focuses on the valuable resource students have in between essays or essay drafts to earn a good grade: my feedback.


The study questions not only the efficacy of certain feedback on writing, but also how that feedback is given and in turn, received. Despite being taught what makes for effective feedback as writing instructors, it doesn’t always relay into our methods of providing feedback, or the kinds of feedback we give. Or, sometimes even with the best intentions for improvement, the feedback is not perceived as such. This project studies the instructor and student perceptions of feedback as a way to initiate the reflective processes that are crucial to encourage student improvement, in this case, in writing. The idea is to address discrepancies in the process of giving feedback, from when it is given, to how it is interpreted, absorbed and then re-integrated in writing.
Check back soon for images and a poster summarizing the study and its findings.