yen n. vu



I am currently a Faculty Member in Literature at Fulbright University Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City. I earned my PhD from Cornell University in 2019, where I shaped my research interests around the cross-section of Vietnamese and French literature, 20th century Vietnamese intellectual history, and autobiographical or memorial writing. My main research project is a book manuscript called, Forging Freedoms: Language and intellectual thought in 20th Century Vietnam. It offers an intellectual history of different ideas of freedom in Vietnam through the close examination of language and how it allows us to trace social and political change in 20th century Vietnam.

I’ve previously held a postdoctoral research position at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University, and have taught at Hamilton College, University of Pennsylvania, and Paris VIII Saint Denis-Vincennes. I hold an M.A. from the Institute of French Studies, New York University and a B.A. in French and Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley.

I was born in Lâm Đồng, Vietnam, and came to the United States with my family through the Humanitarian Operation Program. I still call California home.


Nam Phong Dialogues is now live on Spotify and Apple.

I join Fulbright University Vietnam as a faculty member in Literature, starting August 2022.

I recently presented on women’s education at the International Conference on the Tonkin Free School, Nov. 19-20, 2022. Read more here.

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I am happy to elaborate on any of my materials or share resources, for the purposes of intellectual and pedagogical advancement.